Simon Kirsten
Hobby backend programmer

About me

I've been programming since 2011. I mostly program personal projects in a variety of languages but mostly in Python and JavaScript.

During my free time, I have also acquired a deep understanding of the underlying architecture the languages are running on e.g. written my own bootloader and a small Operating System. In the last years, I've moved away from low-level programming and focused on security, frontend, and backend development.
I have competed in multiple Hacking Challenges by hacking-lab and most recently explored the world of machine learning.


PogChamp Overwatch Highlights

A YouTube channel automatically posting highlights by Overwatch streamers based on the amount of  (PogChamp emote) chat spam.

YouTube bitrate and format info

Small utility to check in what bitrates, formats and framerates youtube videos are available. [Coming Soon™]

osu! replay recorder

Online tool that renders and exports osu demos to YouTube or file. [problems with sound and hosting].

Golden Kappa tracker

Discord server to track the current Golden Kappa holder and his activity. [Coming Soon™]

YouTube title and description dump

Easily restore previous titles and descriptions if all have been accidentally changed. [scrapped].

No name yet

ShadowPlay alternative with multiple audio channels and advanced capture capabilities.
[scrapped] because NVIDIA Capture SDK only supports server GPUs (Quadro and Tesla).
Might try with classic API hooks and NVENC.

No name yet

YouTube Jukebox like this but lightweight and simpler. [not a priority] atm. but should be simple.